Hi, I'm Levi (he/him).

Freelancer for small businesses and startups since 2006

Android and iOS app developer since 2013

Full-time startup founder and mentor since 2014

Software and entrepreneur Instructor at University of Iowa since 2015

Hello! Thank you for learning more about myself as a freelancer.

I enjoy freelancing because you never know what project is going to come into the door. The diverse group of industries and projects I have had the pleasure of working with is vast.

I have worked with close to 100 startups through freelancing, mentoring, and consulting. From Google and Salesforce to solo founders. Bootstrapping companies to venture backed companies. Companies in startup accelerators to companies in their basement. I have worked with startups in the industries of...

Here are a few freelance projects I have built in the past:
ScoreKeeper, EarMashin, HowFactory, and FanBlitz.

Although I do not believe awards define talent, they may still feel accomplishing to receive:

Appearing on publications has been very fun for me. Through the ability to collaborate with others in the industry, I find a lot of joy in it.

To get an idea of my thought process while building an app and the process I go through from start to finish, click here. I have a unique set of skills and qualities as a freelancer I love to share:

Bootstrapping startup founder - been launching businesses since age of 13. This allows me to talk about the business model of your app with you and give suggestions on bootstrapping your app idea to market. I take my business experience and create a plan for the mobile app that allows us to solve the problem at hand in the fastest and cost efficient way possible.

UX designer for mobile apps - I study the Apple and Google design guidelines to build apps that Android and iOS users will be comfortable with without needing a tutorial to use.

I believe mobile apps should be built offline-first - This means the apps that I build work with no Internet connection, by default. Also, they have little to no loading screens in them to have a less frustrating experience for your users.

Do not worry about if you are not a technology person - The way that I work is with the idea that: I am the technology expert, you are the industry expert. When we talk about your app idea, we talk together in plain English not involving technology at all. I have been mentoring non-technical startup founders for years making them into better tech founders. When you have questions about tech, I am happy to answer your question in a way that you will understand.

I am a user centered designer - This means that the person that I care about the most when building an app is the person using it. Everything from the design, to the wording used, to the navigation is all done from scratch to meet the needs of the user using this app.

I do what I do because I love taking ideas and making them a reality. When someone asks what kind of apps I have built, it's easier saying what apps I have not. If you are ever curious about my other passions in life beyond apps, you can learn more about me on my personal site.

If you have an idea of your own, please, feel free to contact me about it. From my experience, if I am not confident I can build your app idea up to my high standards, I'll tell you.


What you are working on! What do you need help with?

Email me